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Updated desktop background - spice and flavor up your background

Updated desktop background - spice and flavor up your background

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Carbide.UI S60 Theme Edition is a robust development platform for custom S60 UI themes.

Carbide.UI S60 Theme Edition is a development environment that helps creators build visual and audio themes for devices that use the Symbian OS, such as Nokia mobile phones. This IDE was designed with S60, which was the final Symbian OS version, in mind, but you can also create for the S40 and potentially older versions. It offers everything you need to define every aspect of an S60 user interface.

Creating a new theme is as simple as basing it on one of the premade theme templates provided. You can also start from scratch using a blank template or design your own template so that you and even others can use it across multiple theme projects. The visual and audio themes you create can be for your use only, or you can distribute the theme package that Carbide.UI S60 Theme Edition makes.

The term integrated development environment is often reserved for sophisticated programming tools, but that’s exactly what Carbide.UI S60 Theme Edition is. It even takes the object-oriented and tabbed, multi-windowed approaches that are hallmarks of modern programming IDEs. Using the tools provided, you can visualize and edit practically every aspect of a Symbian OS UI, including colors and icons. Change pop-up windows, configure text-to-speech, set indicators and much more. You can even set which applications and multimedia launch by default based on a given action.

Audio themes can be created individually. These audio themes can then be dropped into a visual theme, or you can give the user choice. This option is useful when there are multiple audio choices for localization or entertainment reasons. The IDE gives you the control to set every sound notification supported, including battery low, call incoming and mode change. There are also numerous sounds provided by default, which saves you the trouble of dictating every last sound. There are a lot!

As wonderful as Carbide.UI S60 Theme Edition is, it’s important to note that Symbian OS is no longer supported. It may be used in some homebrew capacities, but there hasn’t been a new device featuring the OS in quite a while. No existing devices are still supported. Carbide.UI is no longer supported, and it’s not a stretch to think that there just aren’t many Symbian devices still in use. Regardless, if you’re a homebrewer or still use a Symbian device for whatever reason, Carbide.UI S60 Theme Edition is a heck of a tool.


  • Create S60 and S40 visual themes
  • Create S60 audio themes
  • Base themes on premade and custom templates


  • Symbian OS is outmoded

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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